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Stephanie Fuller is an artist, both Australian and British,
who paints scenes that evoke human emotions. Her expressionistic style is
concerned with the Human Condition and our relationship to the natural world. Stephanie
studied painting, drawing and sculpture in London in the 80s and has been
exhibiting ever since. The artists artworks are in private and museum
collections. In March 2021 the artists began collaborating on NFTs. Then in June 2021 the artist began creating NFTs with the intent of minting her full Catalogue Raisonné of artwork on the blockchain.



The New Work

"This time we are living through has changed us all. There is a mind shift, a change in perception that I feel but can't articulate so I paint it. With paint I can explore, abandoning conscious thought, painting fast, painting thickly, my subconscious has free reign.

In March 2020 I decided to use my one hour outside time to get back to basics. Do what I did at the beginning of my art student life and paint en plein air. With paper and watercolour set in hand I sat on the beach and painted the clouds. Those first watercolours, which became my Genesis NFTs, are raw and abstracted and they resonate with human emotions. Since then I have been thinking about how to upscale them in oil. Imagining how that could be.

It has taken 2 years but finally I could see through the clouds to a new way of seeing. My vision has changed, I now see from the inside out once I have painted the watercolours which see from the outside in.

This is my sixtieth year, I have come full circle and am starting afresh. This is one of the first oil paintings and NFTs in my new series of work titled "WORDS" that has developed through the slow maturity of a lifetime in the studio."


Fuller studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Bath Academy, Norwich Life Room and Wimbledon School of Art where she developed her technical skills. Her early childhood development by the sea in a remote part of Western Australia gave the artist a sense of the natural world and her place in it that would be impossible to know now. Most of the artist’s work revolves around eco awareness, bringing people back to nature and making them aware that we are animals and all connected.

Fuller has exhibited and been collected by museums and private collectors around the world for the last three decades. In a strange turn of fate one of her large paintings was lost in the recent fires in Australia.

Prior to moving to Deal in 2019, the artist lived and painted in Mollymook three hours south of Sydney on the coast. Fuller's paintings were of the beaches, whales, islands and vineyards of her local surrounds.

Then the Pandemic happened and there is a mind shift. Fullers work has matured into a Post Abstract style, combining abstraction and realism.

  • White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers


White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers




White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers




Before the world changed

My work has been in museum and gallery exhibitions, art fairs and sculpture parks in Australia, England and California.

I trained as an artist in London in the 80s and have consistently exhibited since my first group exhibition in 1990.

Traveling and living around the world has meant being involved in the arts in a variety of ways, including being involved in the launch of Modern Painter magazine in the 80's, running an annual lecture at the TATE, publishing an online art magazine, owning and running an art gallery, becoming an art consultant and art valuer, creating a sculpture park.

Life is long and there are so many aspects to all the things we do after decades of work. This year has been, as it has for many creatives, my most productive. I've surpassed my 2014 record of over 60 art works and produced over 100 paintings and drawings last year.

Then Came Migaloo

Whale Paintings

Then the Bushfires Destroyed this Painting in 2020

Then the Pandemic Hit

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