Stephanie Fuller is a dual national artist known for her emotionally charged paintings that explore the human experience and our relationship with nature. She studied art in London during the 1980s and has been exhibiting her work ever since, with her pieces now included in private and museum collections. In 2021, Stephanie began incorporating NFTs into her work, and will eventually mint her complete collection of artworks on the blockchain. In November 2022, she relocated to her dream studio in Deal, England, where she continues to create and host painting workshops and open studios. Utilize her beacons to connect with her NFTs and social media presence.

The New Work


This series, ending on Feb 2023, is the result of my work started during lockdown. I would visit the beach during my daily exercise hour and paint the clouds with emotions rather than a realistic approach. I worked quickly, inspired by the sea and sky, and captured my feelings on canvas. My life has been tumultuous in recent years, and painting provides an outlet to release my emotions and recharge. I hope these works touch others' souls and bring a sense of liberation. The series includes 12 pieces, in watercolor, varying in size. Working on this series has allowed me to explore new ideas and techniques, bringing a newfound freedom to my work.


Freedom will be Open until the end of February 2023.


Fuller honed her technical skills in painting, drawing, and sculpture at Bath Academy, Norwich Life Room, and Wimbledon School of Art. Her childhood spent by the sea in remote Western Australia shaped her connection to the natural world. Most of her work focuses on environmental awareness and reminding people of our connection to nature. Over the past 30 years, Fuller's work has been exhibited and collected by museums and private collectors globally. Unfortunately, one of her large paintings was lost in the recent Australian fires. Before moving to Deal in 2019, Fuller lived and painted in Mollymook, south of Sydney, depicting the local beaches, whales, islands, and vineyards. The pandemic brought a shift in her work, leading to a matured post-abstract style that combines abstraction and realism.

  • White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers


White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers




White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers




Before the world changed

My art has been featured in museum and gallery exhibitions, art fairs, and sculpture parks in Australia, England, and California. I received my training as an artist in London in the 80s and have consistently exhibited since my first group show in 1990. My travels and experiences living around the world have given me opportunities to be involved in the arts in various capacities, such as launching Modern Painter magazine in the 80s, conducting an annual lecture at the TATE, publishing an online art magazine, running an art gallery, working as an art consultant and valuer, and creating a sculpture park. Life is long and multi-faceted, and after decades of work, I have accomplished much. Despite the challenges faced by many creatives over the last two years, I have been more productive than ever, surpassing my 2014 record by producing over 100 paintings and drawings last year.

Then the Pandemic Hit

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