Dancing Flames NFT

I will be taking pre-orders for this piece. It will be a 15/15 @ 6 tez on @objktcom

DM @steffullerart to reserve. 

"Dancing Flames" oil, 69 x 71 in.

My new series of paintings is based on my love of paint and color. This painting was the genesis for the series. I realised when discussing art the other day with @tantan_artwork that I had made this painting purely for myself and that I should do that again.

Dancing Flames by Stephanie Fuller


I love to paint thickly and get lost in the moment and the colors. Sink myself into the painting and find the structure and the form. I love large brushstrokes overlapping each other and crossing each other in a web of color and texture.

In these new abstract paintings I will be able to express more about the feeling of our time and what we are going through existentially.



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