Deal Pier from The Royal Hotel

A spectacular sunrise in February when the sky and air where clear and crisp. Getting the light effects of nature is always the challenge for artists. 

My intention with these paintings is to paint the sublime. I've used Turner Yellow in these four paintings pictured below to mimic the effect of the glow over the Goodwin Sands that Turner so admired about Thanet skies.

Deal Pier From The Royal Hotel in Deal Paintings by Stephanie Fuller Artist


I'm one of those swimmers in Deal who swim all year. The view changes every day and I've only been in at sunrise a couple of times. Mostly I walk at sunrise and take in the beauty of this view that I know I will be swimming in later when the sun is higher in the sky.

With the pollution haze all but gone because of the pandemic, I consider this a unique time to capture the true beauty of living on this coast at sunrise. 


Check out each painting for a closer look at

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