First there were the Bushfires in Australia and the devastation that caused and then Covid-19 struck!

First there were the Bushfires in Australia and the devastation that caused and then Covid-19 struck.
Only one of the paintings is finished at the moment but the other two will join "Australia" in this collection.
At the start of 2020 around the world among News media, Koalas became the metaphor for the non human effects of Climate change.
Of course now as the year progresses, a lot has changed. Humans have stopped moving around and pollution and CO2 emissions are reducing. 
I will continue to do paintings about the effects of the fires in Australia. In February I finished the Large painting Australia with Koalas and bushfire, and I will continue to work on another painting of people on the beach with their animals sheltering from the fires that are burning their houses at the edge of the sand.
I am interested in creating genre scenes with wildlife and climate change as the subject. Bringing together historical art references to a modern phenomenon. Genre paintings often had a moral tale and and underlying sense of doom for at least one of the characters.
I realise this last paragraph sounds very clinical. That’s because it’s so painful, and obviously so, I don’t have the words. It’s all in the painting.
When isolation started. I began a large aerial painting of the south east of England and France. Getting my bearings if you like. As I worked on the painting it became more and more like the images we were seeing on the screen of the virus Covid-19. I went with the flow allowing my subconscious free to choose the colours and shapes that happened in the painting.
As a triptych these three large paintings describe what has happened to us in the last six months. They express the drama, the fear, and the connectedness we managed to find through this historic moment. Only Australia is currently finished. The other two are close.
To view more images of the painting or to make a purchase of the original or Fine Art Prints click on the link.
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