Just In - New Watercolours of Deal Pier at Sunrise by Stephanie Fuller

Painting with watercolours is a quick intuitive process that can be fully realised in one sitting. But in this instance all of these small paintings were done over a number of sittings. The reason is that the paper gets too wet and the initial layers need to dry before adding more paint. Particularly as I paint very wet on dry to add the the ethereal effect. Leaving the blank paper as the highlights. Like silver sparkles on the water and around the clouds. From 17 May 2021 I will Open my Studio to the public on Saturdays. You will be able to view these paintings or similar works in person. Until then these works will all be available for purchase on my website at https://stephaniefullerartist.com/collections/small-art Over the next week. Or you can email me at stephanie@stephaniefullerartist.com for details




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