"I create NFTs from my paintings and sculptures to have a much larger and wider audience for my artwork. To share my passion for nature. This really is the future." Stephanie Fuller


I am very pleased to announce my inclusion in METAVIRTUAL at ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH with Fort Gallery NFT.

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White Whale Diving

In 2020, my large painting "Migaloo Diving" was lost during the Australian bush fires. To reimagine the original painting I have collaborated with @childish5D to create this digital NFT created with a non-parametric example-based synthesis. Basically my brushstrokes are separated digitally and then reborn back into a white whale diving loop. By bringing the painting back to life as an NFT we hope to shine a light on the effects of climate change on our lived environment (our homes), and on nature. The original painting of Migaloo was created to highlight the plight of whales in the southern ocean due to climate changes and whaling. For me Migaloo became a symbol for all sea creatures and our need to care for our oceans.


As the fires raged through New South Wales and Victoria at the start of 2020 around the world among News media, Koalas became the metaphor for the non human effects of Climate change. In this painting you see the mother and cub Koala in the tree before the fires. Then they are on the ground days later dehydrated and burnt. The Koala running off into the distance was named Lewis. His injuries were too severe and he didn't survive after he was rescued by a passer bye. I am interested in creating genre scenes with wildlife and climate change as the subject. Bringing together historical art references to a modern phenomenon. This visually beautiful painting deals with a very tough subject.


Wildflowers NFT by Stephanie Fuller


I have painted flowers for many years. This painting is different. While hiking up the white cliffs at Kingsdown Leas I came across this beautiful white house and wonderful wildflowers. There seemed to be something particularly awesome about the scene. I felt amazing as though the air had a magical spell over me and I could breath in this beauty. Naturally I wanted to paint the scene and the feeling. After I started the painting I was explaining to friends that I had seen this incredible meadow of wildflowers that felt really different.

A couple of days later my friends sent me an article about the regeneration project on the White Cliffs of Dover, which includes this meadow.

The Kingsdown Leas is a site of specific scientific interest and lies within the Kent Down area of outstanding beauty. Small tress and shrubs have been cleared to allow the rarer plants and wildlife species to flourish. Allowing the native flowers to grow in the chalky soil allows for butterfly and other insect habitats and for the small creatures that used to abound on these clifftops to come back. With this painting NFT I want to highlight native flora and the things we can do to encourage wildlife back into open spaces.


Artist In A Red Dress NFT by Stephanie Fuller

Artist In A Red Dress

Self assessment is always a difficult process. How to be honest while still portraying who you are to an audience. When I started this self portrait something bad happened in my life, on top of the current pandemic and isolation, it made me very sad. So in the early stages of the painting my portrait looked sad. I didn't want the portrait, which will last for centuries, to reflect me in a moment of unhappiness. I'm generally a jolly upbeat person who generates positive vibes in the world. I had to do a lot of reflecting to work out who I wanted to be for eternity. Once I admitted to myself that I am an artist, I don't have to look 59 in my self portrait. Then the painting became interesting. The Artist in a Red Dress took on a life of her own. Now she's performing for her audience. Looking them straight in the eye and showing them what she can do. The artist is settled in her studio, you see her working world. All the things that she surrounds herself with in the studio. Unfinished paintings adorn the walls, and the floor. A stretcher bar from a sold and shipped painting hangs on the wall empty of it's canvas. The bright light from the snow on the roofs over the road streams through the window and gives a silver blue light to the room. Her old easel, covered in paint awaits a new canvas, while the artist finishes the large painting she's working on off to the right of the painting. The palette and colours she's using are in front of her on a stool. Her painting smock is hanging on a hook on the wall. Because the artist doesn't want us to see her in her working clothes. I have spent many years running my own art gallery and meeting and painting in front of the public. Like me the artist in the painting doesn't want you to see her in her dirty paint covered clothes. She likes to dress up, and so you see me/her in an outfit I would wear to a Private View. The other side of an artists life, out in the world going to exhibitions. That's where you will see me. That's where we will chat about art and life. And that's how I want to be remembered. It's my portrait, and I'll be who I want to be in it.


Dusky Clouds NFT by Stephanie Fuller

Dusky Clouds

After days of turbulent storms the clouds lift. The sky above is clear, but out to sea the storm is still raging and fighting against the new day. This is one in a series of Watercolors expressing my connection to nature where I live by the sea in Kent, England.


Watercolor NFT by Stephanie Fuller

Rose Tints

Scene of clouds over the sea at sunrise. The light of the Thanet Skies that Turner became so famous for painting in the 19C inspired this painting by Fuller. The artist wakes early to walk on the seafront and experience the clouds and sunrise out to sea over the Goodwin Sands near Margate.

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