NFT Drop Friday 24 September Sydney Opera House

Painting realistic landscapes with no horizon line, no renaissance perspective was a radical change art in 2014 when this painting was finished. Now aerial perspective satellite images are just a part of our lives.

The difference between photography and this painting is of course that I have chosen the layout of the people and all of the things they are doing. The one central blue umbrella, the red and white umbrellas and the pattern they make, the blanket on the grass and the small train are all placed based on the mathematical principals of aesthetics.
I use an approximation of the Golden Ratio to place people and objects in the painting. Using this ratio is part of the aesthetically pleasure people get from looking at this painting.

Friday 24th Sept, 2 pm PST

Dropping 1 NFT

Edition   1/1 @ 77 tz

Four Primary Mixed Editions avaliable as well.

Reserve Form here

1. Sydney Opera House ~ Edition 1/1 @ 77 tz

Sydney Opera House
This is the first in my NFT series of Aerial City and Beach scapes. My painting of the Sydney Opera House, Bennalong Lawn and the Opera House Kitchen was part of a series of iconic Australian places and beaches that were exhibited and sold over the last 10 years. The idea behind the aerial perspective came way before drones were commonplace in our lives. 

Sydney Opera House ~ Edition 1/1 @ 77 tz

Stephanie Fuller Painting the Sydney Opera House

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