On the 5th October 2019, before the Bushfires destroyed 27 Million Acres of Forest

It seems incredible now but I finished this painting before the bushfires in Australia wiped out over one billion animals and 27 million acres of forest.

This wasn't a planned painting it just happened.

I have been concerned about climate change for years now but my worry was heightened by my recent move back to the UK in May 2019.

This is what I wrote on Instagram on the 5 October 2019. The Poem is mine, written on the 5th October.

"'When all the trees are gone will there still be clouds,

Will the children be able to breathe,

When all the trees are gone.' by Stephanie Burns

When All The Trees Are Gone Painting by Stephanie Burns

When All The Trees Are Gone Will There Still Be Clouds, 5th October 2019
Oil on Canvas
40 x 40 in

My artwork has always been about the environment and bringing awareness about the world we are loosing.

Painting what is now knowing that paintings can last for hundreds of years and what is now won’t be what is in several generations.

I feel there is more urgency to my message and that I need to be less subtle about the beauty of what we have around us now.

Nature morte, Still life painting has always contained messages.

Landscapes and Seascapes can too.

I didn’t start this painting with the intention of painting something so bleak. It happened and I let it be."

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