“Spring Equinox” A new series of paintings for the new decade.


Flower Paintings by Stephanie Burns

A new series of paintings for the new decade.

Creating works about life and mortality within a well travelled art subject like still life and flower paintings allows for a new fresh look. The subject has different inspirations for each age in the history of art. .
The end of life as we know it is always a great spur for creativity. As is fear, nostalgia for the past and concern for the future.

Beauty and culture are so important.  Humanity feeds on culture, it sustains us through good times and bad. It becomes our major concern when our cultural identity is threatened. Those of us who create beauty, from beautiful things or from horror, have to keep pushing, keep striving and keep working.

This is a simple idea of a complex thought.

Spring Equinox - A New Series of Paintings For The New Decade
I hope to bring this exhibition to life this year.

Here you can view it on these imaginary walls.

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