We are all having such different experiences during Covid-19.

Sometimes it feels like my old life because I work from home anyway. And an artists studio life is a lonely one, so that’s normal. But the financial stress of trying to work out how to sell my work without exhibitions is really stressful.

Fortunately I’m part of a group of artists being taught by @sergiogomezart and @dryaninagomez at the @artnxtlevel Academy to prepare for our new normal cultural lives.

So I don’t feel helpless, I have plans and strategies to follow.
I know the learning is good for me and once everything is done I will be on a better footing than I was before this began.

2020 has been an incredible year so far, the fires in Australia before the pandemic and then the pandemic.

In my work I’ve managed to respond to these events and there effects. But I feel ravaged at times.

I’m sure that’s why the peacefulness of my new work does speak of now.
When I’m at my saddest I paint happiness. When I’m stressed I paint tranquility.

I hope as you look ahead you can find some peace. Moments of tranquility.

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