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The first time I saw Turners watercolours was at the British Museum in 1982. My grandparents had emigrated to Australia from Margate, where they had an antique store. My grandmother loved Turner's watercolours of Margate and often spoke of them when I was a teenager.

Turner Yellow Watercolour Painting Sunrise Deal, Kent


I bought a book of Turner's watercolours on my way home to Putney, where I first lived when I moved to the UK. After reading the book I enrolled in an art course, from then on I was hooked. As a student I would paint in sketchbooks with watercolours, never leaving home without my small Windsor & Newton set. I continued to fill sketchbooks with watercolours and ideas for artworks obsessively for many years. But I stopped using watercolours when I switched to acrylics about 15 years ago. Until the pandemic that is, when as a way of coping with isolation and only being allowed out for an hour a day for exercise, I searched through the back of my art drawers to find my old watercolour set.

Since then I haven't stopped painting in watercolours and even painting very large.

My intention with these paintings is to paint the sublime. I've used Turner Yellow in these four paintings pictured below to mimic the effect of the glow over the Goodwin Sands that Turner so admired about Thanet skies.

With the pollution haze all but gone because of the pandemic, I consider this a unique time to capture the true beauty of living on this coast at sunrise. 


Turner Yellow Sky With Red Sun, Deal Pier
Watercolour on Hand-made Watercolour paper
Artists’ handmade paper from Khadi Papers India. This paper is made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. For watercolour and all painting and drawing media.
This paper is acid free.
20 x 30 cm

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