The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
Stephanie Fuller Artist

The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths

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The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths
Oil on Canvas
170 x 170 cm
67 x 67 in

Living by the Sea near Dover, I watch the sun rise over the Goodwin Sands. Bursting forth in this cleaner air we have, lighting up the Thanet skies with a blaze of glory.

Since Lockdown I have been painting en plein air on small post cards working on ideas for larger paintings.

Art touches on so many different levels of what it means to be human.

Art is helping us find a place in world that is very uncertain. It’s so important for artists to dig deep and not loose hope in what that future can be.
Little did I know that I had already been infected with Covid -19 when I started this painting.

Symptoms began 4 days later.

Artist's are often referred to as seers, the visionaries among us. In this painting I feel there is a physical manifestation of the virus that is building inside me.

My conscious idea behind this painting was to make a larger version of the watercolour seascapes I’d been doing.

As I stood back after the initial start on the painting I was slightly shocked, but still pleased with the result. It was different to what I’d conceived in my mind.

Little did I know that Covid-19 was bubbling away inside me building up and waiting to strike. I had no “symptoms” yet, but clearly something was changing! This work is like none of my other series. It has vague references to a series I did seven years ago. It’s not like the watercolours though. Or a typical seascape, which it was meant to be.

The subconscious place such a pivotal part in creation. My work has changed since Covid-19. The development and changed can be seen in this exhibition. It is subtle.

I became aware that my vision was what I would describe as sharper, less blurred. And the colour heightened. I could see details in a way I hadn’t been able to for years.

One of my symptoms was sore eyes. I have read some people think there vision is worse but I’ve not read anyone else saying they thought it was better.

My eyes don’t hurt anymore and the better vision is fading now a bit. I’ve been changed by having Covid-19. It’s hard to say how exactly. Something in my perception.

The Blaze Roused From Icy Depths by Stephanie Fuller 

See what this will look like in your home.
Send me a pic of the wall you have in mind and I will send you pic of the painting in your home.

This beautiful painting of the sea will be mailed to you unframed.

Despite not being able to visit in person I can offer you a virtual video tour through a prearranged WhatsApp/ FaceTime video call or Zoom.

The exhibitions and art fairs when I usually look forward to greeting hundreds of people have been cancelled. For now I am happy to offer the option of buying directly from me here on my website. At the beginning of June I will also present an online exhibition here for you to browse work that would have been available through Galleries and Art Fairs.

When isolation protocols are eased in your area you will be able to ask your favourite framer about how to frame this painting for you.



© Stephanie Fuller