Touch By Stephanie Fuller

I have updated the exhibition with a few new paintings created in January 2021.

Big strokes, gestural marks, thick paint, these are things in art we cannot see virtually. I paint the feeling of the landscape, the feeling of the sea and clouds, or the feeling of dancing. Touch infuses these paintings, a gift from the artist to the viewer.

To have the easiest and best view of these paintings I suggest you use The Guided Tour button.

On the 24th October I tested positive with Covid-19, first contact was on the 9th Oct, first symptoms were on the 19th October. These paintings were created before during and after my experience of having the virus and the mind altering effects that it has on ones consciousness.

It is my belief that the virus has changed the way that I see and create. 

Don't miss the two videos of Stephanie talking about the paintings in the second room of the exhibition.

Please do email me with any enquiries about larger paintings in the exhibition not listed below.



Remember I am always here to help with and questions you may have.



Stephanie Fuller