Red Sunrise Seascape Painting by Stephanie Fuller Artist

Getting back to nature is something we have all yearned for during the months of isolation in 2020.

Everything about life seems sweeter, more dramatic and yet more basic. 

Simple pleasures give such joy. Seeing loved ones, talking with friends, walking on the beach, breathing in fresh air.

Some of the greatest art in history has been made during and after pandemics. Probably because there are none of the normal distractions to keep an artist away from the studio. And we can't see art, we can't visit galleries and museums, or other artist's studios.

Which brings the desire and time to make the best art ourselves. So that we have beautiful new things to look at and be visually stimulated by.

I believe that the work I have been doing over the last six months is the best I have ever created. I hope that they give you pleasure.

All of these watercolours are for sale direct from me. You can email me 


Best Seascape Painting of Deal Pier


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All of these watercolours can be purchased direct.

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