Stephanie Fuller is an artist, both Australian and British, who paints seascapes and landscapes that evoke human emotions. Her expressionistic style is concerned with the Human Condition and our relationship to the natural world. Fuller studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Bath Academy, Norwich Life Room and Wimbledon School of Art where she developed her technical skills. But her late husband, Peter Fuller, was the inspiration for the development of a rounded interest in ideas and a passion for beauty and the importance of culture. Her early childhood development by the sea in a remote part of Western Australia gave the artist a sense of the natural world and her place in it that would be impossible to know now. Most of the artist’s work revolves around eco awareness, bringing people back to nature and making them aware that we are animals and all connected. Her creatures are people and her people are creatures. Fuller has exhibited and been collected by museums and private collectors around the world for the last three decades. In a strange turn of fate one of her large paintings was lost in the recent fires in Australia.

Fuller has also been fortunate to visit many artists’ studios over the years including members of the Bomberg School, Leon Kossoff and Roy Oxlade.  The drawing skills and teachings of David Bomberg, and his idea of the "spirit in the mass" getting beyond appearances to the intuitive essence of a subject, has been a journey the artist is on and will continue to develop in her work.

Stephanie Fuller has exhibited and been collected by museums and private collectors around the world for the last three decades.



The Screenplay, "Modern Art" by Laurence Fuller, includes elements of Stephanie Fuller’s early life and career. The Screenplay is winning awards and has been a finalist in many film festivals around the world.





Stephanie Fuller has worked in the arts industry in Britain and Australia for the last forty years. During this time Stephanie Fuller has exhibited professionally as an artist, published an online art magazine, edited several books on art, founded and run a not-for-profit art foundation and organised lectures and published pamphlets of lectures by people who are experts in their fields within the arts internationally. These lectures were held at institutions such as The Tate Galleries (London, Liverpool and St Ives), The Slade School of Fine Art and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Stephanie Burns Sculpting

As a professional artist Stephanie has won a number of awards and produced art works for twenty-two solo exhibitions and over eighty group exhibitions in Britain, California and Australia. Stephanie has been a finalist in major prizes such as the Fleurieu Art Prize, the Blake prize, Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and art fairs in London and throughout Australia. As an art lecturer Stephanie taught at the National Art School in Sydney.

Stephanie Fuller (nee Burns) is a Valuer for The Australian Governments Cultural Gifts Program and a Life Member of the National Press Club in Canberra, Australia.

 Stephanie Burns

In 2001 Stephanie Fuller set up one of Canberra’s premier galleries, Stephanie Burns Fine Art. Exhibiting the Artist's works alongside Australian and British contemporary artists and European Master Prints.

In 2008 the gallery closed it’s doors and remained online only while Stephanie spent most of her time in her studio painting for exhibitions around Australia and in London.

In 2013 when the doors were open again in New South Wales.

The focus of the new gallery space was Stephanie’s own paintings and European Master Prints.

Stephanie Burns painting

As the artist had taken advantage of the time out of the gallery cycle of monthly exhibitions to re develop her own practice, her clientele grew and in 5 years Stephanie sold 150 of her own paintings in the gallery and exhibitions around Australia. Developing series of paintings around particular themes;

Migaloo the White Whale - A series of 25 paintings aimed at raising the awareness of the need to stop Japanese Whaling in the Southern Oceans by focusing on one famous individual whale. Absolutely thrilled when the whaling stopped, sadly it has started again, Stephanie turned her attention to highlighting the need to save our oceans. Using the whales and other crustacea as metaphors for life and the need to save our oceans.

Stephanie Burns with Migaloo Oil Painting

Flowers - A series of Flowers and Flowering Trees in diverse media, from bronze to highly coloured waxes and oil paintings has been a preoccupation for over 20 years for the artist. Developing a sense of the need to raise awareness of the beauty and need we have for the flora of our planet. To make her message loud and clear stephanie creates giant flowers, all with personalities and many named after women, or characters in classic novels. Attempting to show the world that there is no difference between the different kinds of life on earth. Brining nature into the urban environment and making it larger than life. 

The Moon - Capturing the moon at dusk is a new departure, although the first moon painting was from 2013. Lat year Stephanie was commissioned to do a large moon painting over the sea by a client, since then a new series of paintings of the moon over the sea have come since the artists move to the English Seaside earlier this year. The Thanet light often remembered by her grandmother in childhood stories, has been a revelation.

The Sea - From Australia to California to the UK, Stephanie has been painting the sea from many view points and in all it's colours and moods for 10 years. The series is diverse and vast. Encapsulating the hedonism of beach goers to uninhabited islands off the shore and the craggy rock-pools where young life begins it's journey into the wider ocean. Brining awareness to the beauty of the nature around our land masses is the aim behind the paintings. The artist wants the viewer to gasp at the incredibleness of our world and understand that we need to protect it, before it is gone. The hope is that although these paintings are of our time, they will not be depicting places that are unrecognisable in 100 years from now.

In 2017/18 Stephanie spent a year in Los Angeles preparing for and exhibiting in Elysium Verto - Paradise is Changing.

In 2019 Stephanie emigrated back to the UK, once again joining the British and European Art World. In the UK Stephanie is known professionally as Stephanie Fuller, the first name the artist exhibited under. In 2020, Stephanie reverted back to her previous married surname Fuller, from Burns, her maiden name.


The Need For Change

Having started her career as an artist talking about the death of her family in a car accident, making sculptures about mortality and nature morte. Stephanie moved into painting 20 years ago, after a number of years painting the sea, moved into the subject of saving the ocean and it's creatures.

Stephanie's eco awareness paintings gained such popularity with art collectors that all of them were sold. All her paintings created between 2010 and 2018 are in private collections around the world. 

Sadly though some have been lost in the current fires in Australia, as clients homes have been burnt to the ground. 

On the 3rd December as the first mega fires started to ravage Koala populations in Australia Stephanie began her large painting of Koalas and bushfire. This was a devastating subject and very difficult to paint on an emotional level. Stephanie is a dual national both Australian and British, and has lived her adult life between the two countries. 

Koalas and Bushfires Painting by Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Fuller
1962 Born Perth, Australia
1982 Moved to London
1994 Moved to Sydney
2018 Moved to Los Angeles
2019 Moved to UK
1983 Heatherleys School of fine Art
1984 With John Wonnacott and John Lessore - Norwich School of Art
1986-87 Bath Collage  - Art Foundation 
1988-90 Wimbledon School of Art
1997 Fisher's Ghost Art Award (Highly Commended), Cambelltown Arts Centre
2009 Waverley Art Prize – Open Prize and Works on Paper Prize
2010 Waverley Art Prize – Acrylic Prize 
2011 Goulburn Art Award (Highly Commended)
1990 Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath, United Kingdom
1993 London Art Fair, Beaux Arts Gallery, United Kingdom
Bath Art Fair, Beaux Arts Gallery, United Kingdom
1994 Summer show, Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom
Coventry Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1995 Perth Art Fair, Delaney Gallery, Perth, Australia
Delaney Gallery, Perth, Australia
1996 Recent sculpture, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Art Fair (ACAFS), Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Flagging the Republic, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, Australia
1997 Anon, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, Australia
Salon des Refuses, SH Ervin, Sydney, Australia
Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, Australia
Blake Prize for Religious Art, State Library of NSW, Sydney, St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, Noosa Regional Art Gallery, Tewantin, Qld, Cathedral of St Paul, Melbourne, Australia
Coventry Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1998 Towards the Baroque, Annandale Galleries, Sydney, Australia
Melbourne Art Fair (ACAFS), Annandale Galleries, Sydney, Australia
1999 Still life, King St Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Stained Glass Windows Competition, 25 Feb-25 Mar, St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, Australia
2000 Sculpture by the sea, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Australian Drawing Biennale, Drill Hall Gallery, ANU Canberra, Australia
Floriade, Canberra Tourisms Spring Festival, Canberra, Australia
Collage, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2001 10 Years: a survey of sculptures and collages, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Canberra, Australia
Small Wonders, Defiance Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2002 Melbourne Art Fair (ACAFS), Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Australia
Sculpture 2002, Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery, Campbelltown, Australia
2003 Annual sculpture exhibition, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2004 The Melbourne Affordable Art Fair, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Melbourne, Australia
The Sydney Affordable Art Fair, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Sydney, Australia
2005 Brisbane Art Fair, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia
Great Australian male and others, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Canberra, Australia
2007 Reflections, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Canberra, Australia
Telstra Art Show, Gundaroo, Australia
Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery, Australia
2008 It’s the small things that count, Defiance Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2009 Waverley Art Prize, Bondi Road Art School, Sydney, Australia
2010 Hedonism, The Depot Gallery, Danks St, Waterloo, Sydney, Australia
Orion Sculpture Park and Gardens, Yass, Australia
Liverpool City Art Prize, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia
Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 2010, Sydney, Australia
Waverley Art Prize, Bondi, Australia
2011 Goulburn Art Award, Goulburn Regional Gallery, Australia 
Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 2010, Sydney, Australia
Living with Water, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Orion Sculpture Park and Gardens, Yass, Australia
2012 The Millinery Works Ltd, Islington, London, United Kingdom 
Views and visions: Landscape paintings, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre, Australia
2013 Fleurieu Art Prize Finalist, The Fleurieu Peninsula, Australia
Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre, Australia
Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 2013, Sydney, Australia
Many a mile over land and sea, Shoalhaven Arts Centre, Nowra, Australia
Migaloo the white humpback whale, Depot II Gallery, Dank St, Waterloo, Australia
2014 The English Paintings, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Milton NSW, Australia.
Beach scenes, Tallwood, Mollymook, Australia
Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre, Australia
2015 Oil Paintings and Beach Scenes, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Milton NSW, Australia.
2016 Put Some Colour In Your Life, Hollywood LA, California, USA. Film project.
Au revoir, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Milton NSW, Australia
2018 Elysium Verto – Paradise is Changing, Los Angeles, CA, United States
2020 Modern Art, Film Script by Laurence Fuller, Shortlisted Finalist in 27 Film Festivals Worldwide, Winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay Award at the Burbank International Film Festival 
2022 Ken Cook: Out of the Workshop, Pangolin London
NFT Exhibitions
2021 Paradise Divide, Curated by Laurence Fuller
Decentraland, Curated by Pranksy
METAVIRTUAL, Art Basel Miami Beach, Fort Gallery NFT
NFTEASE at Chopper Chunky Gallery