Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings by Stephanie Burns

Sometimes we need colour and intelligence without distractions. These beautiful, whimsical paintings of space or perhaps water allow for dreaming. Meditation by paint. A place of calm and contentment.

Algebra by Stephanie Burns
Algebra by Stephanie Burns 2018 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 cm


I was struggling with the title of this painting. The painting has been finished for more than a month and a name wasn’t coming.
This work encompasses so much, there were too many influences in the end and I simplified.

All my work is mathematical, it speaks in other languages besides words and image and is open to many interpretations.
It suggests music, the intricacies of microscopic worlds or the vastness of space.
The colors are based on a place we lived when I was a small child. Exmouth, a place where the red desert meets the dark sea. Also an American base at the time, no town back then. My young parents were adventurous taking two small children to live in a caravan in the desert.
At one point I wondered off into the desert alone. Fear crept in as I realised I was lost and alone. Looking down at the red earth and my tiny feet in appropriate shoes. I came across a snake. This is one of my first memories and it’s like a picture in my mind. Look at at the tiny sand dune I had to walk up to see over each time. The spiky grass bushes. Around the moment of the snake slithering off. I have memories of an Aboriginal family in traditional clothing walking parallel to me on a rise in the distance. They didn’t approach. They just walked me to my friend’s camp and left.

As I get older more memories come back from this time and this amazing place. In the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nowhere only exists in space now as we have filled all the middles with places.

Other influences. Australia in general, Impressionism, aerial view, memories, an artist friend Robert Natkin, Damian Hirst, tattoos, my previous paintings.



Stephanie Burns, Serenity, painting, art, artist, oil painting, on linen, abstract, blue
Stephanie Burns Serenity 2015 Oil on Linen 137 x 199 cm © Stephanie Burns 2018


Stephanie Burns Under Water
Stephanie Burns Under Water 2015 Oil on Linen 84 X 168 cm © Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns, Harmony
Stephanie Burns Harmony 2015 Oil on canvas 71 x 117 cm © Stephanie Burns


Lavender Mist,oil painting,artist, Stephanie Burns
Lavender Mist 2015, by Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 127 x 82 cm, © Stephanie Burns


Out In The Rain,Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, oil painting, abstract
Out In The Rain 2015, by Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 101 x 76 cm, © Stephanie Burns