NFT Drop 22nd Aug 2pm PST

2pm PST

Dropping Three NFTs

Edition of 12 @ 9 tz
Edition of   3 @ 27 tz
Edition of   1 @ 77 tz

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1. The Thunder of Struggle - Edition of 12 @ 9 tz 

NFT Art by Stephanie Fuller

This painting of clouds reminds me of Zeus' great speech from Olympus to the immortals warning them not to interfere in the Trojan War.


2. The Peace of Whales - 
Edition of 3 @ 27 tz

Humpback Whale NFT Art by Stephanie Fuller

Finding your inspiration is one of the key elements in creativity. When I think of a whale I hear their songs. I feel their movement.

I paint these creatures to remind us of the importance of our oceans and seas and the creatures that live in them.


3. Whale and Orca - Edition of 1 @ 77 tz

Whale and Orca NFT Art by Stephanie Fuller

This oil painting is of Migaloo, the famous white Humpback whale, and an Orca. The painting was exhibited in Sydney where it sold a number of years ago. 

For me Migaloo is symbolic of the vulnerability of the humpback population. Whaling in the southern ocean is happening again. The series of paintings tells the story of Migaloo's journey up and down the coast and highlights the possible threats to his well-being.

For me Migaloo has become a symbol for all living creatures and the fragility of the environment.


Reserve form open until August 22nd 1 pm PST ~ Sign below.