NFT Drop 29th Aug 2pm PST

2pm PST

Dropping Three NFTs

Edition of 22 @ 4.5 tz
Edition of   3 @ 27 tz
Edition of   1 @ 77 tz

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1. Wave Buoy At Dawn Edition of 22 @ 4.5 tz 

Sunrise Over The Sea Watercolour Painting by Stephanie Fuller

The Red Buoy off Deal Pier is there to protect seafarers and guide fishermen in rough seas. The Buoys also measure wave heights.You can see Deal Pier just off the left of the painting in the centre.

Ever since the Egyptians lit the first beacons to warn mariners of rocks, navigational aids have been keeping mariners safe over the centuries.

JMW Turner also painted these buoys, they are often the one red dot he famously put in his sea paintings. I live and paint the same glorious seas and skies that Turner painted in the 19C.


2. Humpback Whale and Kelp - 
Edition of 3 @ 27 tz

Humpback Whale Painting by Stephanie Fuller

I first saw humpback whales in Hawaii on a trip with my family in 1985. We were staying on Maui and took a whale tour between the islands. The large female surfaced quite near the boat and began rolling and waving her flipper in the air. I have been fascinated by humpback whales ever since and began painting them in 2013.

This painting shows the whale swimming in a forrest of kelp near my home on the Kent coast. There are no more whales here, though there is plenty of kelp and other sea life.


3. Migaloo and Calf Dancing - Edition of 1 @ 77 tz

Migaloo and Calf Painting by Stephanie Fuller

This oil painting is of Migaloo, the famous white Humpback whale and a white calf.

In 2018 Kynan Wall got in touch with me when I posted his image on Instagram with the story about the sighting of a white humpback calf being sighted off the east coast of Australia. During our conversation I learnt more about the calf and Kynan.
“Hi! Love your work!
It’d be great if you’d like to paint Yirili using my photo!
(I’m not indigenous… just thought it’d be nice to acknowledge the local bundjalung people and name the calf using the local language)
I am a sailor and a pilot and if this pic can raise awareness for doing something about helping the ocean it would be absolutely amazing!” Kynan Wall

Strangely I painted Yirili with Migaloo 8 years ago in this and a few other paintings. Before Yirili was born! Because the humpback population was small when Migaloo was born I knew the albino gene would be in the community and that it would only take two whales with the same albino gene to create another one. Yirilli may not be Migaloo's progeny but it's fun to imagine he is...

For me Migaloo has become a symbol for all living creatures and the fragility of the environment.


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