NFT Drop 29th Sept 2pm PST

Wednesday 29th Sept, 2 pm PST

Dropping 2 NFTs

Edition   1/1 @ 77 tz

Edition 15/15 @ 5 tz

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1. Whale Sunrise ~ Edition 1/1 @ 77 tz 

Whale Sunrise Watercolor by Stephanie Fuller

Whale Sunrise
I first saw humpback whales in Hawaii on a trip with my family in 1985. We were staying on Maui and took a whale tour between the islands. The large female surfaced quite near the boat and began rolling and waving her flipper in the air. I have been fascinated by humpback whales ever since and began painting them in 2013.

This painting shows an adult humpback whale breeching at sunrise. I have been on many whale watching tours in my life and looking back on my videos none of the ones I have personally seen breeched this high. Imagination is a wonderful thing. 



2. Lighthouse Trail ~ Edition of 15/15 @ 5 tz 

Lighthouse Trail Watercolor NFT by Stephanie Fuller 

Lighthouse Trail
On a recent trip to Scotland I went to Oban Bay and took a boat out to see the seal colony on the other side of the Isle of Kerrera. On the way we passed the famous landmark the Kerrera Lighthouse. 

It had been deep mist all morning then at midday blue skies emerged so I set off on a tour boat.

This little abstract painting is evocative of the journey and the lighthouse.


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