NFT Drop 4th Sept 2pm PST

Sat 4th Sept 

Dropping Three NFTs

Edition of   1 @ 77 tz
Edition of   3 @ 27 tz
Edition of 22 @ 4.5 tz

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1. Migaloo The White Whale ~ Edition of 1 @ 77 tz

Migaloo Painting by Stephanie Fuller

I am an artist who lives on the English coast. But, when I lived on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, I would walk my dog on the beach most days after lunch. I saw so many whales in 2013 year, I thought it was about time I painted them.

While doing my research online about humpback whales I came across something really inspiring.

On 28th June 1991, an all-white whale was photographed passing Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point. Named Migaloo by the indigenous community in Queensland ("White Fella"), at the time the whale was the only documented all-white humpback whale in the world.

For me Migaloo is symbolic of the vulnerability of the humpback population. This series of paintings focused on Migaloo, tells the story of his journey up and down the coast.

Since 2013 Migaloo, whales and other crustacea have become a symbol in my work for all living creatures and the fragility of the environment.


2. A Whale of a Time ~ 
Edition of 3 @ 27 tz

Humpback Whale Painting by Stephanie Fuller

Seriously this girl is having a Whale of a time!!!

I paint whales to highlight the need for us to take care of our oceans and the creatures who live in them.


3. Preternatural Sunset ~ Edition of 22 @ 4.5 tz

Sunset Watercolour by Stephanie Fuller

I love to walk on the broad walk towards Sandown Castle in Deal at dusk. Sandown Castle was an artillery fort constructed by Henry VIII in 1540, but was mostly destroyed by the late 1800s. The view of this sunset from the ruins across the gold course was spectacular. An orange glow with the warning of storms to come the following day.

I saw this sunset and painted it a month later, no photo or other visual references. Just memory. I try to paint the feeling, the chill in the air, the orange glow, the lush green of the golf course, the flowers on the bank of the castle ruins and the dark clouds high in the sky.


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