NFT Exhibition

Sea Lion nft

Edition of 30
Reserve 5 Tz

On a trip to LA, I went to Catalina Island and painted the sea lions on the rocks. I was so impressed that Catalina Island has set up a conservancy for the nature on the island and in the waters. Catalina was very inspiring to visit and this Sea Lion had great personality.

I want you to feel like you are there on the boat with me. Smelling the ocean, and then that waft of fishiness brings a frown to your brow. It doesn’t matter though as you look over beyond the aqua water at the sea lions on the rock. As you get closer one jumps off the rock and inquisitive as he is comes slightly towards the boat. He is young and boisterous, he can sense your interest and begins to play and show off in the water.

I painted this painting so that your memories, igniting all your senses, of that time you saw sea lions in nature, bring alive once more that sense of oneness with nature.