NFT Exhibition

Poetics : A Cinematic Fine Art Exhibition

Curated by Laurence Fuller

Hosted by STELLAR

June 17 - Mid July 2022

Including some of the great artists in the NFT world. 

Artists Incl: @Henrikaau @Ruben_Fro @tania_rivilis @valkilmer @PasanenJenni @vwestphoto_nb @VonDoyl @al_oner_one @davidcheifetz @OriginalGoldCat  &  @lifeofcyn @steffullerart

The @GalleryStellar @vwestphoto_nb have done an incredible job of the Metaverse exhibition. I am so honoured to be included. Check out the video.
Act One, series of four pieces in collaboration with Val Kilmer drops on June 17th across SuperRare, Form Function and Objkt ~

“Masks” collaboration between painter Stephanie Fuller and poet Laurence Fuller drops July 4th on Form Function

The human touch, the human voice within the art of technology, is where we can find ourselves anew.

As an actor in film we are constantly finding our own expression within a camera frame which is reproduced and it’s value in memory ~ though great works of cinema are no less intangible or dispensable for it.

Our attempt with the exhibition is to place art and story, first and foremost. All pieces are carefully selected to include artists who are both serious about the longevity within and without web3 and have demonstrated exceptional abilities within their respective mediums. Their visions of beauty paired perfectly with music, poetry and performance, to create cinematic fine art.” ~ Laurence Fuller, May 2022



False Prophets Trilogy drops June 19th on Objkt ~

Adaptation of Shakespeare “The Tempest” in collaboration with Tania Rivilis x Jenni Pasanen x Cynthia San Luis via Xcollabz

“Home” drops June 22nd on Objkt

This poster above by Daniel Martin @DanielMartinNL & Pani Santiago @pani_santiago & Myself is currently being featured in newspapers & billboards across Germany to represent the Unblock @unblockgallery & Tuan @Anarchytect2 exhibition at Museum Angewandte Kunst 05/26 - 07/24 of art minted on the Tezos Blockchain. Around 200 pieces minted over the last year are represented.

Limbo is the first in a series of 9 collaborations between Laurence and Mwan 1/1s minted on the Ethereum blockchain scattered with clues to unlock the mysteries of the underworld:

“Visitors” features visuals and sound design by Kopfgestaltung and original poetry and performance by Laurence Fuller.

Drops July 6th on Objkt:

April 26th I had the idea for a collection of adaptations of old master paintings animated and paired with classical poems. Much like the adaptations of Shakespearean and Classic texts I had come to love in theatre and film. Breathing new life into a Renaissance masterpieces has always been a life goal and something we’re trained to do, as bastions of culture at British Drama Schools. There was such an energy to being a part of the early HEN community and there was a feeling that it was all about the art wether crypto markets were soaring or dipping the euphoria was focused on the love and celebration of art. How to adapt the scope and breadth of something like Shakespeare into a two minute video? It would only be possible through poetry.

“Flood Of The Soul” collaboration between Ruben Fro, Henrik Uldalen, Laurence Fuller

and Vincent D’Onofrio drops July15th

I also found a new interest in 3D and digital arts with the likes of Ruben Fro and Kopfgestaltung. Performance and conceptual art had always been a problematic area for me as a collector and now I could own conceptual and performance pieces by the painter Henrik Uldalen and fellow spoken word poets David Bianchi and Ana Maria Caballero.

I’ve enjoyed minting & collecting on Ethereum, Tezos, Solana & VeChain and like most collectors I really enjoyed taking part in and helping to shape in whatever capacity, the culture. I think it’s fair to say that many look forward to a multi-chain future ~ for me I just collected everything that caught my eye as being genuine art, produced by a talent who was passionate about developing their voice and career. Or projects and collectors backed by artists who are serious about seeing through what they set out to do. It didn't matter to me medium of the art or the process behind it so much, although I’d had an upbringing in the traditional art world working in my mother’s gallery from an early age and then auction houses and writing for magazines, as well as developing an extensive private collection of old master prints and contemporary paintings and sculpture.

This is why I chose “Ash Roses”, an adaptation of three unpublished poems by my late father as my ASH Genesis.

Of course the media tends to focus on the sensational aspect of NFTs, being cartoon-like characters fetching millions. But the very real cultural movements in the arts both underground and established arts scene has thus far rarely gained the interest it rightly deserves. World class painters, poets and special effects artists have also been out here in web3 putting in their best work and they deserve to have a light shone brightly on what they are creating. 

“Ruins Of Ballatine” Laurence Fuller’s SOL Genesis drops July 9th on Form Function

Henrik Uldalen, a painter was the first artist I noticed who created a performance out of the drop itself ~ adding a new dimension to what the revealing of a painting can be. Arguably the first superstar from the traditional art world to drop on an alternate chain on April 26th, 2021

In April I had the great opportunity to represent David Hockney on HBO’s “Minx”, Hockney was one of my late father’s best friends and widely regarded as celebrated painters in the world. Who’s sales record of $90Million for a living painter was only recently surpassed. It was a difficult character to shake so I gathered three of the best painters I know Tania Rivilis, Preslav Kostov and Francien Krieg and we created this fine art, spoken word poetry piece out of portraits of their portraits of the man and my poetry.

David Bianchi, is an actor/filmmaker with over 100 professional film / TV credits. He is the creator of the Art Genre Spinema™ (spoken word cinema) minted the first Spoken Word film as an NFT getting the attention of the largest collectors and Forbes.

David’s focus on the crypto art space is social and human impact. He has quickly become one of the leading voices for socially conscious art on the blockchain.

His third Spinema film NFT became the first film to red carpet premiere in the Metaverse in Decentraland. Attended by 2,000 and became a solo exhibit at the Makers Place gallery.

He is a top-tier SuperRare artist and has been curated by Art Basel Miami and TIME Magazine at NFTNYC. He is one of the first digital artists to display NFTs at the LA Art Show in 2021. He has spoken at top-tier blockchain events and is widely considered a thought leader in the space. His most recent 1000 NFT release is the first-ever poetic audio-visual generative collection on the blockchain-(co-produced by Async) based on his original 100 poems inspired by the five human senses. The series is in collaboration with global DJ PLS&TY and technologist/code artist Dogan Demir.