Paintings by Stephanie Fuller


My first reactions to Covid-19 have been paintings of England and France from an aerial perspective. I live on the Kent coast opposite Calais. As a child I often looked through my father’s 3D surveyor glasses at aerial survey photographs, fascinated by the trees, or spiky dots, jumping up at me and the changes in terrain. 


Pandemic by Stephanie Fuller


Pandemic 2020
190 x 210 cm
Acrylic On Canvas

Early in the Lockdown, I was in quarantine and realised I needed something familiar and contemplative as my subject. I wanted a painting to get lost in every day, something familiar with no pressure. My subconscious took over and the familiar became unfamiliar with a merging of the images of Covid-19 that we see online and a geographical map of where I live. 

This painting is anchored by the English Channel that weaves it's way across the painting. As the virus contagion lessens and areas become free of new cases admitted to hospital and other areas have new outbreaks the spikey hashtags, dots and shapes on the land roam freely across the surface. Like looking under a microscope at a virus, the land pulsates with movement and action. Shapes float and move over the canvas, some fast some slow like outbreaks of Covid-19 and areas free of infection. 

This painting is about the transition from the way our lives were before and how they are as we move out of Lockdown. Everything is topsy turvy just like the map. The map of the world is after all a construct, we can view it from any angle.

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 Pandemic Painting by Stephanie Fuller


 Pandemic Painting by Stephanie Fuller