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Stephanie Fuller is a UK based visual artist. Fuller trained in England in the late 80s. The artist's work has been the subject of over 20 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 80 group exhibitions in the US and abroad. Her work has been exhibited in England, Australia and the US. 

Fuller has been a finalist in major prizes such as the Fleurieu Art Prize, the Blake prize, Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and art fairs in London and throughout Australia. 

Stephanie Fuller has worked in the arts industry in Britain and Australia for the last thirty-five years. During this time Fuller has exhibited professionally as an artist, published an online art magazine, edited several books on art, founded and run a not-for-profit art foundation and organised lectures and published pamphlets of lectures by people who are experts in their fields within the arts internationally. These lectures were held at institutions such as The Tate Galleries (London, Liverpool and St Ives), The Slade School of Fine Art and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Her expressionistic style is concerned with the Human Condition and our relationship to the natural world. Fuller studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Bath Academy, Norwich Life Room and Wimbledon School of Art where she developed her technical skills. But her late husband, Peter Fuller, was the inspiration for the development of a rounded interest in ideas and a passion for beauty and the importance of culture.

Her early childhood development by the sea in a remote part of Western Australia gave the artist a sense of the natural world and her place in it that would be impossible to know now. Most of the artist’s work revolves around eco awareness, bringing people back to nature and making them aware that we are animals and all connected. Her creatures are people and her people are creatures.

Fuller has exhibited and been collected by museums and private collectors around the world for the last three decades. In a strange turn of fate one of her large paintings was lost in the recent fires in Australia.



The Screenplay, "Modern Art" by Laurence Fuller, includes elements of Stephanie Fuller’s early life and career. The Screenplay is winning awards and has been a finalist in many film festivals around the world.

"Peter died in a car accident 1990, I was in the car, as was my mother Stephanie Fuller. She survived but my baby brother Gabriel did not. With a broken hip my mother pulled me from the broken wreckage and saved my life. I personally happen to agree with Ivana Chubbuck when she said "Discovering and understanding your personal pain is an inherent part of the acting process... Aristotle defined the struggle of the individual to win as the essence of all drama. Overcoming and winning against all the hurdles and conflicts of life is what makes dynamic people". Or the painter Enrique Martinez Celaya "Your strength as an artist does not have to come from your best qualities or gifts. An artist can rise from a deficiency within himself." " Laurence Fuller


Feature Screenplay Info
Genre: Biopic/Drama
Length: 109 pages


Best Screenplay (3rd Place): Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2020

Top 5: Ojai Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2020

Top 8: New Renaissance Film Festival 2020

The Red List: Coverfly 2020

Finalist Placement

Screencraft: Drama (Quarter-Finalist) 2020

Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards (Semi-Finalist) 2020

Script Summit (Official Selection) 2020

Beverly Hills Film Festival (Finalist) 2020

True Story Screenplay Competition (Finalist) 2020

Storyline (presented by Final Draft) (Finalist) 2020

Burbank International Film Festival (Finalist) 2020

New York International Screenplay Awards (Semi-Finalist) 2020

Atlanta Screenplay Awards (Semi-Finalist) 2020

Manhattan Film Festival (Finalist) 2020

Firenze Film Corti International Festival (Finalist) 2020

Big Apple Film Festival & Screenplay Competition (Finalist) 2020

Twister Alley Film Festival: Screenplay Competition (Finalist) 2020

Film Arte Festival (Finalist) 2020

Creative World Awards (Quarter-Finalist)

Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (Quarter-Finalist)



The smell of wet plaster wafted throughout the house, emanating from my mother’s studio. She was a sculptor and if she wasn’t casting one of her loved ones in bronze she was creating still lives from fruit and wine bottles. The sound of a tapping typewriter came from my father’s study as he wrote edgy art criticism. Between tadpoles in the pond outside and the snails crawling up the lawn in welcomes yet fleeting sunshine of an English summer, it was ideal.

















Artist Statement

The human form is the most important element in my work and it exists as an anonymous representation of the self. The figure dominates the work and it is depicted as a shadow, aura, ghost or energy light. I am not interested in developing the social, political or historical characteristics of the figure. Rather, I am more interested in the human and universal appeal of the figure. Objects and places are not necessarily important and rarely have a dominant part in my work. In fact, they may be absent all together.


The figures exist in condensed fields of color and texture that often resemble nature forms. It is unknown whether the human figures are indoors or outdoors, perceived or remembered, standing or floating, alive or dead. In my artwork, presence overrides identity.


I am interested in the human and spiritual experience throughout the cycles of life. The human figures stand still, observe, communicate and/or listen, as they exist in their physical state. Overall, I appeal for a sense of human awareness and spiritual consciousness.













Curriculum Vitae




Authority Magazine Interview / August 11, 2020 By Laurence Fuller
Modern Art; Screenplay by Laurence Fuller 2020
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2012 Selected as a featured artists for Chicago Artists Month 2012, Chicago, IL

2002 Purchase Award, 26th Annual Alice & Arthur Baer Art Competition, Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL

1998 “Best of Show Award” 22nd Annual Alice & Arthur Baer Art Competition, Beverly Art Center,                                                                                                                      Chicago, IL 1997 Second Place, Fra Angelico Art foundation, Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, IL

1995 Lincoln Laureate Medallion Award, Springfield, IL

First Place, Fra Angelico Art foundation, Rosary College, Chicago, IL





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