WORDS - Paintings

I am loving the way these WORD paintings change over the day, in differing light. I really need a bigger studio so I can paint like this more often.

“I am trying to understand the aesthetic truth of my subjects….If the work is untrue it is valueless - but the kind of truth I see may be a bit different. I cannot know that. What I see and feel I try to reduce to patches and lines of pigment which have an effect on our aesthetic consciousness, independent of the facts of nature…” Ivon Hitchens

This quote is apt for my feelings about these paintings. 

WORDS have come out of tragedy. Many years ago I was in a fatal accident with my surviving son. My husband and unborn child died in the accident. I suffered from post traumatic stress for decades afterwards. Having gone through therapy decades later I learnt to understand that tragedy and its aftereffects would never happen again. The worst moment in my life and my children's lives was over. Then recently something really bad happened and it snapped something inside me. These paintings have come out of that event in that I am opened up now. I used to paint beauty and happiness, a magic place to go to away from the horrors and tragedy in life.

Now everything I have lived, experienced and seen is fair game for interpreting in paint. It's all coming out. And it's not about me, it's about you.