Painting about domestic abuse by Stephanie Fuller
Painting about domestic abuse by Stephanie Fuller
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Choice Unvieled

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Choice Unvieled
Oil on Canvas
131 x 170 cm

"Choice Unveiled" is a painting that holds deep personal significance for me, as it reflects my journey of escaping an untenable situation of domestic abuse. Created during the months of August and September last year, this artwork became a powerful outlet for me to express my emotions when sharing my experience with family and friends seemed impossible.

At the heart of the painting, the word "Choice" once stood boldly, symbolizing the pivotal moment when I made the brave decision to break free from the cycle of control and coercion. As time went on, I realized that the word itself was no longer necessary. It had served its purpose, and its absence now signifies the certainty and conviction I found in making the right choice for myself.

The imagery of a storm over the sea dominates the canvas, representing the turmoil and challenges I faced during that difficult period. Yet, amidst the chaos, glimmers of hope and resilience emerge. Brushstrokes of darkness give way to subtle hints of light, reflecting the journey from pain and uncertainty towards healing and brighter days.

I owe my survival and newfound strength to the unwavering support of my friends and family. Their love and encouragement have helped me navigate the aftermath of leaving, even when danger continued to linger. With their support, I have begun to rebuild my life, and I finally feel like myself again after six months, although my physician assures me that it may take a little longer to fully heal from the effects of domestic abuse.

While the future of these paintings is uncertain, I hold hope that one day they will find their way into an exhibition, where they can serve as a source of inspiration and solace for others who have faced similar struggles. I believe that sharing my art and story can help raise awareness about the impact of domestic abuse and empower those who may be in similar situations to find their own strength and make the right choices for themselves.

"Choice Unveiled" signifies my triumph over adversity and marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It is a visual reminder that even amidst storms, calmer days will eventually come, and that there is always hope for a brighter and happier future.


© Stephanie Fuller