Deal Pier Wave Buoy At Dawn
Deal Pier Wave Buoy At Dawn
Deal Pier Wave Buoy At Dawn
Deal Pier Wave Buoy At Dawn
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Deal Pier Wave Buoy At Dawn

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The Red Buoy off Deal Pier is there to protect seafarers and guide fishermen in rough seas. The Buoys also measure wave heights.You can see Deal Pier just off the left of the painting in the centre.

Ever since the Egyptians lit the first beacons to warn mariners of rocks, navigational aids have been keeping mariners safe over the centuries.

JMW Turner also painted these buoys, they are often the one red dot he famously put in his sea paintings. I live and paint the same glorious seas and skies that Turner painted in the 19C.

Deal Pier Wave Buoy At Dawn
Watercolour on Artistico Traditional Watercolour paper
56 x 39 cm

Easy to ship rolled in a tube for safety.

This image shows the 14 fishing markers off Deal. The one in the painting is 1/2 mile off the end of Deal Pier.

Deal Fishing Markers Buoys  
Fishing Marker Deal Pier Painting by Stephanie Fuller

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