Early Morn Deal Pier
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Early Morn Deal Pier

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An abstracted version of a landscape this watercolour on wood evokes the scene rather than portrays a realistic image. As the sun rose behind the clouds over the Pier I was reminded of Japanese wood block prints of the Edo Period. The pavilion at the end of Deal Pier often reminds me of this great period in Japanese art.

I live by the sea and wake early to go out and see the sunrise. The variety and beauty of the pre-sunrise morning is glorious and abundant. I love painting in it watercolours and using wood panels instead of paper has brought a whole new dimension to the paintings. In this painting I have experimented with a Liquid Glass glaze which crazed while drying.

Deal Pier Watercolour by Stephanie fuller Art

Early Morn Deal Pier © Stephanie Fuller (Burns) 2022
Watercolour and acrylic on Wood Panel
40 x 30 cm

White Box Frame



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© Stephanie Fuller