Heart Beat Oil Painting by Stephanie Fuller
Stephanie Burns Artist

Heart Beat

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Heart Beat
Oil On Canvas
40 x 40 x 1.5 in (101.6 x 101.6 x 3.81 cm)

Location: UK

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Heart Beat Painting by Stephanie Fuller

Heart Beat

This time we are living through has changed us all. There is a mind shift, a change in perception that I feel but can't articulate so I paint it. With paint I can explore, abandoning conscious thought, painting fast, painting thickly, my subconscious has free reign.

In March 2020 I decided to use my one hour outside time to get back to basics. Do what I did at the beginning of my art student life and paint en plein air. With paper and watercolor set in hand I sat on the beach and painted the clouds. Those first watercolors, which became my Genesis NFTs on Tezos, are raw and abstracted and they resonate with human emotions. Since then I have been thinking about how to upscale them in oil. Imagining how that could be.

It has taken 18 months but finally I could see through the clouds to a new way of seeing, a kind of Post Abstraction. My vision has changed, I now see from the inside out once I have painted the watercolors which see from the outside in.

This is my sixtieth year, I have come full circle and am starting afresh. This is the first oil painting and NFT in my new series of work that has developed through the slow maturity of a lifetime in the studio.


“Heart Beat” NFT was included in the event DPZ.NFT ART BONANZA 2.