Heart Palpitations
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Heart Palpitations

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This piece was more subconscious than the others. I'd already done a number of paintings outside on this day and I was on a roll, when the painting becomes almost automatic. Mixing the colors, choosing and holding several brushes together then intuitively finding the forms of the clouds while not worrying about being true to any colors.

Heart Palpitations 2021 © Stephanie Fuller (Burns) 2022
Watercolour and Acrylic on card
14.8 x 10.5 cm
6 x 4 in (approx)
Inv no. 2021061

This painting on a postcard card, 300 g/m is part of a series begun during Lockdown in the UK. It is painted on a postcard as a metaphor for keeping in touch with friends and family. A way to stay connected during a time of social isolation.

As I begin to mint my full Catalogue Raisonné of artwork on the blockchain I realise that the task ahead will take at least five years even if I mint one every day. Because I am doing this for posterity the initial price will be low and the royalty high. The editions will be low but large enough for some collectors to have the opportunity to collect all of my work. I believe I am the first or one of the first artists to use the blockchain and NFTs as a Catalogue Raisonné.


© Stephanie Fuller