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Oil on Canvas
170 x 180 cm
67 x 71 in

"Help" is a powerful oil on canvas painting measuring 170 x 180 cm (67 x 71 in) that carries a profound message. The painting highlights the importance of seeking help when life becomes overwhelming, emphasising that asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness. The word "Help" is prominently displayed across the canvas, reminding the viewer of the significance of the message. The painting serves as a tribute to those who offered support to the artist during a time of personal struggle and mental turmoil.

The painting is a visual representation of the transformative power of emotions, depicted through the use of vibrant and expressive color. The artwork is one of the first in a series of Metamorphosis paintings, showcasing the artist's journey towards healing and growth. Through the use of vivid hues and bold brushstrokes, "Help" invites the viewer to experience the intensity of emotions and the importance of seeking support in times of need.


© Stephanie Fuller