In Smoothest Silence
In Smoothest Silence
In Smoothest Silence
In Smoothest Silence
Stephanie Fuller Artist

In Smoothest Silence

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In Smoothest Silence
Watercolour on Artistico Traditional Watercolour paper
56 x 77 cm

Easy to ship rolled in a tube for safety.

In his latest Lockdown Series Philip Mould states, "Watercolours get a bit of a tough rap...they are not as strong as oil paintings, so in order to hold their own they do need to deliver quite a punch".

Although this is a seascape it is also an expression of my interior world. I swim in the sea several times a week in Deal, Kent, where I live. One morning the sunrise was red and so stunning it inspired several paintings.

Here you can see the red sun rising next to the Deal Pier. But you can also see how it felt to me. This isn't a realist painting, it's not done in situ, but after my swim when I got home. The painting incorporates everything I saw, the pebbles the clouds, the Pier the red sun as it rose all swirling in my minds eye.

One thing that art can give us is universal experience, each person from any time period can look at this painting and be reminded of their own experience of a red sun rising over the sea, in any country.

I hope that it delivers quite a punch!

Stephanie Fuller Swimming


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Deal Pier 

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