Red Tints
Red Tints
Red Tints
Red Tints
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Red Tints

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All the paintings are inspired by the local landscape and seascapes of Deal. Combined with my experience of having Covid-19 and the way it changed my eyesight. This painting was done while I had the virus. Which no doubt explains the landscape in the sky.
In my minds eye was the after glow of a walk on the beach in autumn.
Red Tints
Watercolour on card
14.8 x 10.5 cm
6 x 4 in (approx)

The background card is white.

I start with a walk or cycle and then come home and paint from memory.

This painting on a postcard card, 300 g/m is part of a series begun during Lockdown in the UK. It is painted on a postcard as a metaphor for keeping in touch with friends and family. A way to stay connected during a time of social isolation.

Build a collection of small works and support your favourite artist at the same time. 

These small works have big potential and beautiful details. 

Red Tints Painting by Stephanie Fuller


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