Sea Lions
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Sea Lions

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Sea Lions 2016
Oil on Canvas,

© Stephanie Fuller

"I painted this oil on canvas painting after a recent trip to LA, where I had the opportunity to visit Catalina Island and see the sea lions on the rocks. I was so impressed to learn that Catalina Island has set up a conservancy for the nature on the island and in the waters. Catalina was very inspiring to visit and these Sea Lions living in their natural habitat was fantastic.

In the painting, there are two sea lion pups resting on a pyramid-shaped rock in the water, one pup is stretching in an s shape while the other is lazing in the sunshine on the side of the rock. In the background, you can see more rocks and one pup swimming towards the others.

I painted this scene with the hope of transporting you back to that moment in nature. You can almost feel the salty ocean breeze and smell the waft of fishiness in the air as you gaze upon the playful sea lions. My aim is to recreate that sense of oneness with nature that I experienced during my visit, and to help you relive that memory."

The artist's intention is to evoke the viewer's senses and memories of being in nature, allowing them to relive that moment of oneness with the environment. This painting serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the natural world, our oceans and the wonder it brings.


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© Stephanie Fuller