Sunset Sandown Castle
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Sunset Sandown Castle

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An abstracted version of a landscape this watercolour on wood evokes the scene rather than portrays a realistic view. This view from the ruins of the castle overlooks a pond on the golf course with farmland beyond and trees in the distance. To the side is the pebble beach walk that leads to Sandwich Bay.

Sandown Castle was one of the three castles built on the orders of Henry VIII to guard the sea off Deal, the castle suffered sea damage in 1785, was remodelled in 1805 and garrisoned to assist in the defences against Napoleon before finally being demolished in 1863. What remains is incorporated into the sea defences built in the late 20th century.

The grounds are now tended as a community garden.

Sunset Sandown Castle Watercolour by Stephanie Fuller

Sunset Sandown Castle
Watercolour and acrylic on Wood Panel
40 x 30 cm

White Box Frame



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