The Beauty of Whales
Stephanie Fuller Artist

The Beauty of Whales

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The Beauty of Whales 2013

Oil on Canvas, 121 x 199 cm

This painting sold many years ago.

For all that Migaloo’s is an awe-inspiring species – humpback whales are still threatened by humanity's interference and predation. Whale populations are easily destroyed by ships and by scientific whaling carried out in the southern oceans. They need to be protected. I hope that by painting Migaloo I can highlight the importance of his safety and care.

When first sighted in 1991 Migaloo was the only all-white humpback whale in the world. The Beauty of Whales focuses on Migaloo, a juvenile and the albino calf from WA. The painting tells the story of the whales’ journey up and down the coast and highlights the carefree nature of this awe-inspiring species.

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