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Emotionally turbulent times can be catalysts for creativity. Beauty found in the minutest of details. Subtlety and peace acquired in quiet moments.

Because of the Pandemic and being isolated for so much of this year I have spent more time in one place than I probably ever have in my life before. Getting to know the small town and surrounds of Deal in Kent has inspired a closer look at the local natural sights.

Sometimes I feel like I live on the Island of Deal! But Deal isn't an island.

Watercolour on Artistico Traditional Watercolour paper 
56 x 39 cm

Easy to ship rolled in a tube for safety.


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Turbulence Painting by Stephanie Fuller

See what this will look like in your home.
Send me a pic of the wall you have in mind and I will send you pic of the painting in your home.

This beautiful painting will be mailed to you unframed.

Despite not being able to visit in person I can offer you a virtual video tour through a prearranged WhatsApp/ FaceTime video call or Zoom.

The exhibitions and art fairs when I usually look forward to greeting hundreds of people have been cancelled. For now I am happy to offer the option of buying directly from me here on my website. At the beginning of June I will also present an online exhibition here for you to browse work that would have been available through Galleries and Art Fairs.

When isolation protocols are eased in your area you will be able to ask your favourite framer about how to frame this painting for you.



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