Under Deal Pier, Autumn
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Under Deal Pier, Autumn

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Creating the feel of the pier in an abstract but realistic manner is what interests me. 

Everyone who knows Deal Pier knows where they are standing in this view but photographically this image would not make sense. As David Hockney says, the camera lies. In a sense this painting of Deal Pier takes in lots of moments that particular morning and leaves out others. The sea was silvery, the Pier Kitchen was dark and the pebbles were glowing their warm colours. The sun was still low in the early morning light shimmering on the surface. 

Under Deal Pier, Autumn Watercolour by Stephanie Fuller

Under Deal Pier, Autumn
Watercolour and acrylic on Artistico Traditional Watercolour paper
56 x 77 cm

Easy to ship rolled in a tube for safety.

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