Whale Sunrise Painting by Stephanie Fuller
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Whale Sunrise

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I first saw humpback whales in Hawaii on a trip with my family in 1985. We were staying on Maui and took a whale tour between the islands. The large female surfaced quite near the boat and began rolling and waving her flipper in the air. I have been fascinated by humpback whales ever since and began painting them in 2013.

This painting shows an adult humpback whale breeching at sunrise. I have been on many whale watching tours in my life and looking back on my videos none of the ones I have personally seen breeched this high. Imagination is a wonderful thing. 


Whale Sunrise Painting by Stephanie Fuller

Whale Sunrise
Watercolour on Artistico Traditional Watercolour paper
56 x 77 cm

Easy to ship rolled in a tube for safety.

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