Which Way - Stephanie Fuller Artist
Which Way - Stephanie Fuller Artist
Stephanie Fuller Artist

Which Way

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Which Way
Watercolour on card
14.8 x 10.5 cm
6 x 4 in (approx)
The background card is white.

These little Art Postcards look great in a group. At these prices and with my 

My work is at reduced prices during the Covid pandemic.

This time of isolation and earlier quarantine has made me think about how I work and what is essential to me for inspiration.
And it is nature, colour and light.

While I was in quarantine I really missed seeing the sky in big open spaces. From my home I could only see straight up or very short distances. .
Once I was free to exercise I soaked up the sky.

Working on these Art Postcards during Lockdown has been invigorating.

This painting was done on my first day outside painting en plein air on the seafront since Lockdown in the UK.

My practice often involves making works on paper. These are seen as finished works but tend not to be exhibited.

This painting on a postcard card, 300 g/m is part of a series begun during Lockdown in the UK. It is painted on a postcard as a metaphor for keeping in touch with friends and family. A way to stay connected during a time of social isolation.

Galleries in other countries are beginning to open their doors to their audiences. I hope to bring these works to a venue near you so that you can experience them in person.
Until then enjoy the virtual experience.

All of my smaller works are available to buy online. 

These times of galleries being closed and exhibitions, residencies and prizes postponed or cancelled artists still need to sell their work in order to make a living. I’m no different.
So until further notice you can buy my smaller works at reduced prices.
Once everything is open again my work will go back to my original prices.
Time to snap up a little beauty.
Original paintings give such pleasure.

All subscribers to my website will receive an invitation to my Patreon Artist Page.
#patreonartist .
This is a great way to collect my artwork for a small subscription each month. At the end of your subscription I will send you your new original artwork. Build a collection of small works and support your favourite artist at the same time. 

These small works have big potential and beautiful details. 

See what this will look like in your home.
Send me a pic of the wall you have in mind and I will send you pic of the painting in your home.

The exhibitions and art fairs when I usually look forward to greeting hundreds of people have been cancelled. For now I am happy to offer the option of buying directly from me here on my website. 

When isolation protocols are eased in your area you will be able to ask your favourite framer about how to frame this painting for you. Or order a frame online and pop it in your self.

My paintings are usually exhibited and bought within a gallery setting. If you have seen larger work on this website or with a gallery that you wish to purchase and which don’t appear on this page please email me at stephanie@stephaniefullerartist.com and I will help you directly. 


© Stephanie Fuller